Pakistan Navy Ship participation  in multinational naval military exercise in Turkey

ANKARA, 30 October 2020: Pakistan Navy frigate PNS Zulfiqar with an embarked helicopter (Alouette Al-41) as well as a Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) is participating in multinational exercise MAVI Balina-2020 held from 30 October to 10 November 2020 in Eastern Mediterranean based from Aksaz Naval base and Dalaman Air Base of  Turkey. In addition to Turkey to and Pakistan, ships and aircraft of Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Italy, and the USA  are also participating in the naval exercise.

The aim of Mavi Balina-2020 is to provide an advanced training opportunity in various aspects of Anti Submarine Warfare and submarine support operations in a multi-threat environment and improve operational interoperability among the participating countries while enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Pakistan and Turkey enjoy fraternal ties. As brothers in arms, Pakistan and Turkish navies have maintained warm and cordial relations for decades. The interaction between the two navies include regular exercises, port calls, training exchange programmes and collaboration in the naval production section. Pakistan Navy has been regularly participating in exercise Mavi Balina (held biennially) since 2008. PNS Zulfiqar participation is a manifestation of the strong bond that the two navies enjoy. Turkish Navy is expected to participate in the upcoming multinational naval exercise AMAN to be hosted by the Pakistan Navy early next year.