OIC-IPHRC regrets loss of innocent lives; strongly condemns organized violence against Muslims in India by extremist Hindus and calls on the Govt. of India to protect its Muslim minority in line with its obligations under int’l human rights law.

Jeddah 26th February 2020: The Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is appalled by the increasing violence against Muslims in many parts of India especially the latest spate of horrific incidents in New Delhi where homes, mosques and businesses of Muslims were attacked by extremist Hindu mobs resulting into loss of over dozen lives. The intensified targeting, negative profiling and reprisal attacks against innocent Indian Muslims by far-right nationalist groups in the aftermath of peaceful protests against the recently enacted discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 is deplorable and violates the right to life, right to freedom of expression, right to peaceful protests and assembly and other fundamental human rights.

The worst part of the recent violence is the alleged collusion of the law enforcement agencies who have failed to protect the lives and properties of Muslim minority and have been accused of being complicit in the spread of violence. The Commission urges the Indian Government to investigate such reports and ensure that all minorities, including Muslims, are able to exercise and enjoy all human rights including the equal and non-discriminatory access to justice.

OIC-IPHRC further calls upon the Government of India to abide by its obligations under international human rights law and its own constitution to ensure the safety and security of its Muslim population by taking concrete and urgent measures at all levels to put an end to the ongoing violence and spread of hatred as well as to speedily bring to justice the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.


Released by the Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation: www.oic-iphrc.org