ANKARA, 2 June 2021: Following the announcement of new regulations by the Turkish authorities imposing a quarantine of 14 days on passengers arriving from Pakistan with effect from 1st June, the Pakistan Embassy is in touch with the Turkish authorities about this decision. 

A number of Pakistanis were resultantly stranded in Istanbul airport as they had started their journey on 31 May and 1stJune before the announcement of these rules.  At the Pakistan Embassy’s intercession, the Turkish authorities have granted a one day exemption (for 1 June 2021) to such passengers, and they are being allowed entry into Turkey after a negative PCR test conducted at the airport. 

The Embassy of Pakistan Ankara and Consulate in General of Pakistan Istanbul have been in contact with our nationals at the airport to help minimize the impact of these regulations. A team from the Pakistan Consulate General was also at the Istanbul Airport to render possible assistance and facilitate our nationals’ entry into Turkey.

Passengers traveling from Pakistan to Turkey are requested to re-assess their travel plans in light of these new travel regulations announced by the Turkish authorities. The Turkish authorities will be reviewing these regulations periodically.