Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will co-host, along with United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan in Geneva on 9 January 2023.

The Conference will serve as a platform to marshal international support for the people and Government of Pakistan to build back better in a resilient manner after the recent devastating floods, as the country transitions from the rescue-and-relief phase towards the monumental task of recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction.

Pakistan will present the Resilient Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Framework (4RF) at the Conference, and seek international support and long-term partnerships for its implementation. The 4RF document outlines a prioritized and sequential Plan, defined at the Federal and Provincial levels, and includes the financial mechanism and institutional arrangements for its execution in an open, transparent and collaborative manner.

The Conference programme will feature a high-level opening segment, to be co-chaired by the Prime Minister and the UN Secretary General, followed by the official launch of the 4RF document and partner support announcements. The Prime Minister and the UN Secretary General will also hold a joint press stakeout.

At the Conference, the Prime Minister will outline Pakistan’s vision for rehabilitating the affected population and reconstructing the damaged infrastructure in a resilient manner, with the support of development partners, and the country’s transition towards a more dynamic and sustainable economic development model. Federal Ministers from Pakistan will elaborate on the 4RF document and also present Pakistan’s long-term plan for building climate resilience and adaptation. The perspectives of the four provinces will be articulated by their representatives.

Heads of State and Government, Ministers and high-level representatives from several countries and International Financial Institutions, Foundations and Funds, as well as from international development organisations, private sector, civil society and INGOs will participate in the Conference.

The Conference will help Pakistan in forging a long-term partnership with its friends and development partners on the basis of the 4RF document, and serve as a demonstration of international solidarity with the people of Pakistan as they commence the journey towards rebuilding their lives and livelihoods.


4 January 2023