Ankara, 28th June 2024


The embassy hosted Pakistan Cultural and Cuisine Festival, showcasing the cherished and globally renowned, exquisite Pakistani Basmati rice. Held at the embassy lawns, the festival featured an array of delectable dishes illustrating the rich culinary traditions of Pakistan and Turkiye. The festival was attended by former Turkish Minister for Agriculture Dr. Mehmet Mehdi Eker , Mayor Ankara Mr. Mansur Yavaş, Member Parliament Mr. Burhan Kayaturk , esteemed guests, including diplomats, culinary experts, food enthusiasts, businessmen and media. 

Welcoming the guests, Ambassador Dr. Yousaf Junaid stated that the festival aimed to strengthen culinary bonds that connect Pakistan and Turkiye and to promote culinary excellence by sharing the exceptional quality and rich heritage of Pakistani cuisine with Turkish brothers. 

At the festival, Chef Ali Hassan from Pakistan and Chef Yunus Coskun from Turkiye showcased traditional and innovative recipes using Pakistani and Turkish ingredients. In their speeches, both chefs shared insights into the culinary techniques and secrets behind some of the most cherished dishes from Pakistan and Turkiye. 

The highlight of the festival was the tasting stations, where the guests sampled an exquisite selection of rice-based dishes from Pakistan and Turkiye, including biryani, chicken pulao, zarda (sweet rice), kheer (rice pudding), egg fried rice, vegetable rice, dolma, sarma, icli pilav, etli nohutlu pilav, pirinc salatasi and tavuklu nohutlu pilav. The distinctive long grains, delicate texture and aromatic taste of Pakistani basmati rice along with Turkish ingredients offered a unique delightful culinary fusion to the guests. From the fragrant Pakistani biryani to the savoury Turkish pilav, the festival was a celebration of cultural fusion and gastronomic excellence.