ANKARA, 20 April 2015: The Turkish Ministry of of Food, Agriculture and Livestock hosted the 2nd meeting of the Turkey-Pakistan Agricultural Steering Committee in Ankara.  First Meeting of the Committee" established under the "Protocol on Agricultural Cooperation" signed between Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Pakistan on 28 July 2004 was held on 2010 in Islamabad.

The meeting was co-chaired by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey Dr. Nihat Pakdil and Additional Secretary of the National Food Security and Research Ministry of Pakistan Syed Moazzam Ali.

At the inaugural session, Dr. Nihat Pakdil said that Turkey attaches great importance to Pakistan because of excellent historical, political, economic and cultural relations. He expressed the hope that the visit of delegation and signing of the protocol will be turned into concrete action.

Syed Moazzam Ali thanked his hosts for extending warm hospitality. He said cooperation in agriculture sector shall be further improved after 4th meeting of High Level Strategic Cooperation Council held in February in Islamabad. He added that Pakistan was closely following Turkey’s economic and rural development growth strategy and felt that Pakistan could learn from Turkey’s best practices for agricultural improvement.

Opening session was followed by specific discussions on new collaboration for plant production, phytosanitary, livestock breeding, animal hygiene, and rural development. Both countries decided to utilize each other’s experience in new technologies for plant production aimed at increased productivity. It was also decided to exchange the germplasm, fruit and hybrid vegetables. The two countries also agreed to collaborate in the field of forage plant breeding, initiate feasibility study for seed and seed production, and exchanging scientific materials and professionals for creating high capacity in the field of food security.

The two sides also agreed on cooperation for livestock improvement programs including livestock breeding and animal health, identification of animals, creating registration database systems for animal improvement, fighting against animal diseases, collaboration on producing foot and mouth disease vaccine, livestock research, veterinary services and animal well being.

It was also decided to extend cooperation on designing rural development projects and its implementation, monitoring and prevention of agricultural pollution at waters, geographical information system and integrated management information system on agricultural sector. Turkey will share relevant experience through its technical support programme.

The two brotherly countries also agreed to share information and experiences about producer organizations, create co-production and marketing strategies, advertisement of agricultural products, co-branding at international fairs and exhibitions, and health certification of herbal and animal products. The two sides also decided to provide cooperation for investment opportunities in aquaculture, technical and scientific collaboration on aqua culture resources, fish feed production and supply chain management. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Co-chairs signed Minutes of the meeting. Next Meeting of the Agriculture Steering Committee will be held in Pakistan in 2016.