ANKARA, 6 February 2014:  Participants of a seminar expressed their full support to the oppressed people of Kashmir and their democratic right to self-determination. The seminar, to commemorate Kashmir Solidarity Day, was organized by Turkey-Pakistan Cultural Association in collaboration with Ankara University on Wednesday evening. 

Prof. Dr. Oya Akgönenç, a noted academician, writer and former member of Turkish Grand National Assembly, explained the Kashmir issue in detail. She said regional peace is dependent upon the resolution of the Kashmir issue according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people. She urged India to stop violating human rights in the Occupied Kashmir. Prof. Oya reiterated support of the Turkish people for the early resolution of Kashmir dispute. 

Mr. Mustafa Karakaya, Secretary General of Turkey-Pakistan Cultural Association stressed on the need to resolve Kashmir issue through dialogue. He said Turkey will continue to play a positive role and shall support efforts aimed at resolution of the Kashmir dispute. 

Mr. Ishfaq Bashir, a Kashmiri student studying in a Turkish University narrated the hardships of daily life in Kashmir. He said India has two faces - her face for the outside world is that of her claims to be a democratic country while her other face is for the Kashmiri people who are subjected to worst kind of human rights abuses. 

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Mr. Muhammad Haroon Shaukat said Pakistan remains committed to a meaningful, sustained and result-oriented dialogue with India to resolve all outstanding issues, most importantly, the core dispute of Kashmir. He reiterated the unwavering political, moral and diplomatic support of the people and Government of Pakistan to the just struggle of Kashmiri people to safeguard their fundamental rights including their right to self-determination. He appreciated the continuing historical support of the people and Government of Turkey in this regard.