ANKARA, 24 April 2014: Leading a 4-member delegation, Minister for Religious Affairs & Inter Faith Harmony of Pakistan Sardar Muhammad Yousaf is visiting Turkey at the invitation of the President of the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gormez. 

The Pakistani Minister held a meeting today with the President of Religious Affairs of Turkey Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gormez and discussed ways to further improve relations between their institutions. 

Sardar Yousaf said the democratic government of Pakistan led by Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is keen to further improve relations with the brotherly country Turkey in all areas. He emphasized on the exchange of religious scholars, officials and students between the two countries. He added that such exchange will benefit both the countries in learning from the best practices in each other’s countries. “The purpose of my visit is to understand the Turkish education system and the Imam Hatip school system in particular,” said Sardar Yousaf.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gormez said Turks have great love for Allama Muhammad Iqbal whose philosophy inspires many till today. He said Iqbal is equally revered in Turkey alongwith their national poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy. He opined that the Muslim world is passing through challenging time and desired that Muslims should stand united to brace these challenges.

The host offered to open a model Imam Hatip High School in Pakistan.  Welcoming the offer, Sardar Yousaf thanked Dr. Gormez for the generous offer and said Pakistan will study the proposal and shall discuss further modalities to give concrete shape to the pilot project.

The Turkish model of Imam Hatip School is fusion of Islamic and modern education as it contains as much arts and science classes as normal high schools do. To observe the teaching model, the delegation during their Turkey stay will visit relevant institutions.


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