For Issuance of Fresh Passport

i) 3x fresh photographs (light blue background)

ii) Original Passport with photocopy

iii) Original CNIC/NICOP with photocopy.

iv) Form ‘A’ for 12 year old or above, duly signed by the applicant. (Click here to download Form A)

v) Form ‘B’ for below 12 years old, duly signed by child/ward.

vi) Original birth certificate or NADRA’s CRC certificate alongwith copies of parent’s CNIC/NICOP cards and passports.

vii) Relevant passport fee to be paid.

viii) Ordinary Passport will be issued after 8 days.

ix) Urgent Passport will be issued on next working day.

For Endorsement on Passport

i) Endorsement of child’s name in passport. 2x photographs, original birth certificate, parents Identity card and passport copies alongwith marriage certificate required.

ii) Extension of Passport Original passport and CNIC/NICOP card alongwith photocopies required.

iii) For any Amendment/Endorsement Proof of amendment/endorsement alongwith relevant documents required.

iv) Form ‘C’ required to be filled in.

v) Relevant fee to be paid

vi) Ordinary endorsement will be made after two days.

vii) Urgent endorsement will be made on next working day.