1. Do you issue Machine Readable Passports (MRPP)?

    The Consulate General Vancouver at present only issue manual passports. Applicants desirous of MRPs may kindly contact Consulate General of Pakistan at Toronto or High Commission of Pakistan in Ottawa.

  2. Do I need to make separate money order for each application?

    You can make one money order for all the applications payable to “Consulate General of Pakistan”. Please note applicants of NICOP have to make money order payable to “NADRA Pakistan”

  3. I do not have Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP), can I apply for Passport.

    You can apply for manual Pakistan Passport along with other required documents, a restricted validity passport for one year will be issued with the conditions that you will apply for NICOP. Once NICOP is issued the same passport will be extend for normal validity of five yours from the date of issue without any fee.

  4. What is the size/back background of the pictures required for passports?

    Preferably light blue background, if you cannot find light blue background any background is fine. The size of picture is 1.5” width 2.0” height.

  5. What form of payment do you accept?

    The fee is accepted only in form of bank draft , money order or certified cheque payable to "Consulate General of Pakistan". Please note applicants of NICOP have to make money order payable to “NADRA Pakistan”. We donot accept cash, credit or debit card payments

  6. My passport is still valid for one year. Can I apply for renewal of Passport?

    You can apply for renewal of Passport when there are less than seven months remaining in its expiry.

  7. Which courier service do you accept?

    We do not have any favourite courier service. You can use any courier service of your choice but the return envelope should be prepaid and self addressed.

  8. My passport is valid for less than six months. Can I apply for Pakistan Visa?

    Your passport must be valid for more thank six months at the time you apply for Visa. You are required to renew your passport and then apply for Pakistan Visa.

  9. What is the processing time for processing of visa for expatriate Pakistanis?

    The normal visa processing time is three business days, however this may vary from case to case basis after examinig the application and attached documents. Please note that Visa on Indian passport will only be issued after clearance from Pakistan.

  10. What is the duration of stay on Tourist/Visit Visa?

    Duration of stay is determined on case to case basis after examining the application and attached documents.

  11. What is the reason for registration of children?

    To provide immediate services in absence of Child Registration Certificate (CRC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) like issuance of Pakistan Passport or endorsement on parent passport.

  12. What is the age limit for registration of child?

    Children born to Pakistani national parents can be registered with the Consulate General within six months from the date of birth.

  13. My husband/wife is a foreign national can I apply for child registration?

    If one of the parents is Pakistani national, he or she can apply for child registration.

  14. What is Child Registration Certificate (CRC)? Is it the same as the Registration of Child?

    No. The CRC is issued by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and this is a permanent document and Child Registration is a temporary document to provide services of immediate nature.

  15. My child has National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP), do I need to apply for his registration?

    No. You do not need to apply for his registration.

  16. What is the fee for NICOP?

    The NICOP fee is C$ 30.00 per application plus Home Delivery (Optional) C$ 12.00

  17. Do I have to pay separate home delivery charges for each member of my family?

    Yes, the home delivery charge of C$ 12.00 is per person/per application.

  18. To whom the money order for NICOP is payable?

    The fee for NICOP is payable to NADRA Pakistan.

  19. Can I write both address of Canada in my application for NICOP?

    No you are required to give at least on address of Pakistan.

  20. Do I need to print thumb impression of my minor child in NICOP application?

    Yes print the left hand thumbs of the child in the space provided and write his name in the signature box.

  21. Who can sign the Muslim declaration in case of minor children?

    The Father or mother of the child can sign Muslim declaration on behalf of child.

  22. What is * mark field on NICOP application?

    The applicable * mark fields are mandatory, if you do not fill in these fields your application cannot be processed

  23. What is the fee for attestation of power of Attorney?

    ee for one continuous documents of 3 pages is C$ 20.00 any exceeding page or document is C$ 20.00 e.g. if one document/power of attorney starts on page 1 and ends on page 3 the fee is C$ 20.00 and if it ends on page 4 than C$ 40.00. If pages are more than 3 add C$ 20.00 per page.

  24. How long it will take for my Police Record check from Pakistan?

    Since the Police Clearance Certificate is issued after clearance from Pakistan, it may take up to 16-20 weeks.

  25. Why my Police check is taking so long?

    If you have not provided the correct/complete living address of Pakistan then your Police check may return un-verified or take longer than usual.

  26. Can I send all applications in one courier package?

    Yes you can send all applications in one courier package.

  27. Can I send one prepaid self addressed courier envelope for all applications?

    Yes you can send one prepaid self addressed courier envelope for all your documents/applications.