ANKARA, February 7: Participants of a seminar expressed their full support to the oppressed people of Kashmir and their democratic right to self-determination. The seminar, to commemorate Kashmir Solidarity Day, was organized by the Embassy of Pakistan at Ankara today.

“Kashmiri’s struggle is the symbol of human quest for freedom,” said Pakistan’s Ambassador to Turkey H.E. Mr. Tariq Azizuddin. “Kashmiris demand the fulfillment of the pledges and promises made to them by the International community including those of the Indian leadership that Kashmiris will be given a chance to decide their own destiny through a UN administered plebiscite. However, these promises were never fulfilled.

Innocent Kashmiri people are subjugated to the worst kind of oppression by the Indian military forces. Mr. Azizuddin said human rights groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International continuously raise the issue of human rights violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.


He said Pakistan remains committed to a meaningful, sustained and result-oriented dialogue with India to resolve all outstanding issues, most importantly, the core dispute of Kashmir.


He reiterated the unwavering political, moral and diplomatic support of the people and Government of Pakistan to the just struggle of Kashmiri people to safeguard their fundamental rights including their right to self-determination.

Acknowledging the tremendous support that the people and Government of Turkey have extended throughout the years, the Ambassador said “steadfast support to the Kashmiris continues to inspire them with a firm belief that a glittering dawn awaits their journey of tears and toil.”

Mr. Burhan Kayaturk, President Pak-Turk Parliamentary Friendship Group of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Mr. Semsettin Turkan of Pak-Turkey Cultural Association, former Ambassadors, representatives of Think-Tanks, and members of the media attended the seminar.