Dos and Don’ts Whilst Visiting Turkiye

Dos When Visiting Turkiye:

1. Learn Key Turkish Words:

In popular tourist areas of large cities, like Istanbul, people speak English. However, most Turkish people are not fluent in the language. İt would be advisable if a few Turkish words may be learned before visiting Turkiye. We can take particular pleasure from the fact that there are thousands of words common in Urdu and Turkish (Urdu itself is a Turkish word!)

2. Be Prepared to Haggle/Bargain:

It is customary to haggle at bazaars or markets in Turkiye. Although actual stores have fixed prices, the open-air markets expect you to haggle so their first price will be high.

3. Try Local Food:

Turkish cuisine is famous for its taste and variety. Börek (bakedpastry), pide (Turkish-Flat-bread-pizza), çorba (soup), helva (sweet confection), and Turkish kebabs are famous Turkish dish delicacies.

4. Always Carry your Passport:

It is advisable to keep your passport safely with you all the time.

Don’ts When Visiting Turkiye:

1. Be respectful to the privacy of Turkish people:

Do not take random pictures which may include militancy facility, Turkish people, especially women even in the background. Be extra cautious that no picture showing Turkish people be loaded on social media without their consent. 

2. Do not Fall for Scams:

Tourist scams such as selling fake artifacts and stones are common in Turkiye as a way for many locals to make extra money. Be aware of these scams, especially in Istanbul, so you don’t get cheated out of your money.

3. Don’t Carry Areca Nuts ( gutka, chalia, Supari etc ):

According to Turkish law, areca nuts and similar categories of chewable items are considered narcotics and carry severe punishment. It is intimated not to carry areca nuts or similar category of chewable items like gutka, chalia, Supari etc while visiting Turkiye.

4. Unmetered Taxis: 

Often taxis claim their meter is broken and then grossly overcharge at the end. Only take taxis with a working meter or use BiTaksi.

5. Pickpocketing: 

Pickpocking is rampant. Be careful at tourist attractions and avoid flashy items that attract pickpockers’ attention.

6. Do not Disrespect Atatürk:

Turkish people have a deep respect for the Founding Father of the Turkish Republic, Atatürk. Do not say anything which can hurt the feelings of local people. This also goes for the government and the Turkish flag.

7. Don’t buy stones or fossils:

Stones and fossils are considered cultural artifacts, and it’s illegal to export them. It is better not to buy them in Turkiye.